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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

Hardware-Software partitioning

Embedded Systems have reached such a complexity that it has become impossible to design them “from scratch”. That above statement [Seminar “Embedded Systems”, Hardware/Software Partitioning, Frederick Dufour – 2006, July 3rd] is maybe the proverbial bridge too far. Since every problem can be decomposed into smaller problems, it IS possible to design a system from […]


The energy harvester is ready for iteration 3

Iteration 2 overview Wind power to dump load switching has been the main topic of iteration 2. In our system design we also call this Power Management Decision 1 (PMD1). PMD1 should realize several system requirements and, because we have an energy harvester model in Enterprise Architect, this list of requirements can easily be generated […]


Early Prototyping: ‘blink those leds’

A bottom-up or a top-down approach? In order to be able to try something out, to proof something is technically viable, it is absolutely necessary to do early prototyping and provide ‘POTs’. A Proof Of Technology is just substantiating that there is a potential solution to a technical problem: We must emphasize that it is […]


Charge controller system architecture

Documenting architectures Architectures are documented by views, and so that is how we proceed too. The goal of a view is to describe the system from the viewpoint of its stakeholders. Several architectural view models exist and probably the most famous one is the 4+1 model of Kruchten (see here). For the energy harvester we […]