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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

Archives for February 2014

The energy harvester is ready for iteration 4

Iteration 3 overview Essentially, a charge controller is a high-power switching device. The switching core determines how much energy flows to batteries, and how much excess energy is burned by a dump load. Next picture is key and PMD2 of our system design: Of course, for our experiments in iteration 3 we needed devices and more specifically, […]


The embedded hierarchy — Part 1

Good programming skills is not the only quality a software engineer needs to have in order to write extendable, reusable and manageable software. Understanding the domain is equally important because it enables you to build good abstractions, and to do correct configuration management (version control). This is no different in embedded software: creating or even […]


The linker demystified – part 2

 In part 1, we explained the main purpose of a linker: to put pieces of object code together into a single executable file. In this second and final part, we will discuss how we can control and adjust this process using linker scripts. Related PostsThe linker demystified, part 1


Object-orientation in C — Part 2

In Part1 we have laid the foundation of how a class could look like in C. This simple class is good for creating an Abstract Data Type but it doesn’t support polymorphism and inheritance…yet. Here is an UML diagram (made with dia) of what we are trying to achieve in this post: Admitted, the example is not very original […]