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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

Archives for August 2013

Programs, processes and threads – Part 2

This post is Part 2 of the series. Part1, which explains Programs and Processes, can be found here. Thread A thread is a single path of execution and schedulable by the CPU. It has its own stack, program counter and set of registers. A process (living program and container of all resources — see Part1) has one […]


Embedded device communication

An embedded device does not do its job in the ‘void’. It needs to interact (and communicate) with users and/or other devices. Even inside an embedded device, lots of communication is required between controllers and (external) peripherals, sensors and actuators. Communication properties In general communication happens one to one (e.g. a telephone call via a […]


Device-internal current and voltage sensing – part 2

Attopilot 50V 180A A few weeks ago we tested the Attopilot 50V 90A. Results were ok, we only noticed a small gap between measured and real amps. Today we show you the experimentation results of the 180A  Attopilot sensor board. Again, we used the Deans connectors and quite a lot of solder to connect the Attopilot device […]


Charge controller high-side / low-side wiring diagrams – part 1

Introduction After exploring the relay solution space (read part1, part2 and part3), we decided to actually change the boundary of the system and move the relay outside of the energy harvester. Main reason is flexibility and scalability: one could choose a more optimal relay in terms of cost and power spec depending on the (maximum) […]


Programs, processes and threads – Part 1

Introduction Especially process and thread are terms which have many different definitions and implementations. And therefor, it is easy to get confused, and hard to get the concepts crystallized in your mind. Just do some googling and you will find plenty of sources which more or less contradict each other. We will add another source […]