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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

Archives for December 2012

The energy harvester is ready for iteration 1

Iteration 0 overview A few months passed since the start of our energy harvester project and, given our limited project time, we’re making a steady progress. Implementing a new product in a new domain introduces technological uncertainties, and therefor, we proposed a top-down, bottom-up development approach which is part of an iterative engineering process. At […]


Energy harverster logic hardware design

Introduction As embedded software engineers, we might not have an in-depth understanding of all electronic charge movements through semiconductor circuits, but at least we’re able to reason about hardware design at a concept level. In a previous post we introduced the energy harvester’s Power Management concept. We now elaborate on this and propose our initial […]


Simple Platform Abstraction

What When prototyping, it is uncertain and sometimes even unlikely that the experimentation platform will be the basis of the final industrialized product. Therefor, it is good software developer workmanship to protect the logic development from change with regard to board, processor and real-time operating system, if and whenever possible. A platform abstraction – in […]


Development facilitators

This might be a good time to talk about developer (or technical development procedure) facilitators. Although these are not even regarded as intermediate requirements – and certainly are not considered to be as important as user requirements – some development facilitators could be considered as development procedure requirements that have big impact on the process […]