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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

Archives for September 2012

The start of a €100,000 project

Scope “Yeah sure, we can fly to the moon too!”, answered a colleague once to an unreasonable customer question. Not the most diplomatic answer but – up to a certain point – he was right: sometimes you have to stop dreaming and reconsider the scope of the project. For a new product in a new […]


The engineering process

Introduction Let us begin with a recap. The goal of this blog is to describe how we develop: a new product in a new domain, with a short time-to-market, and given a minimal budget. Although our product – the “energy harvester” – is only used for illustration purposes, it is well chosen because building it, […]


Blog strategy

About how we work and blog post updating Building a new product in a new domain is not an easy task, and things do not happen with beautiful first-time right architectures, designs and implementations. As we want to give a true account of how it evolves into a working product, expect some mis-information, wrong conclusions […]


Our at-first-sight trivial product: a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester (aka battery charger)

As long as we are going to build something, it should be awesome, hip and cool. It would have something to do with renewable energy for example. Yes, we are going green, because green is cool! Bugger if it already exists! As this is for demonstration purposes only, we don’t care. We appreciate the free […]