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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

GreenT website has been released:

On this product-specific website, you can find all info about our brand-new VAWT design: the GreenT VAWT. We welcome you to read about its great specs and unique features!


The red-black tree and hash table

red-black tree The even more advanced container we look at now is the red-black tree, which is a type of self-balancing binary search tree. Especially, interesting is the time complexity in big O notation: Action/Subject       Average          Worst case Space                          O(n)                O(n) Search                        O(log n)    […]


3D printing of enclosures

Having the correct and proper enclosures, is a mechanical (and also a marketing) problem many electronics projects suffer from. It is also related to anticipated sales numbers. For big numbers, a custom enclosure which is produced with an injection molding machine is not a big cost since the financial burden can be divided and written […]


Coming Soon

Finally, we are almost there. Our first product – a joint development result of cooperation between IACS and RTOS.BE – is about to be commercialized. The Energy2Switch is a DC switch board with 2 channels rated up to 50V and 40A. Continuous power is limited at 1500W per channel, which boils down to 40A @ […]


Reverse engineering the bug of my Opel Zafira’s volume knob (with movie!)

The bug Some articles ago we proudly introduced the Opel Zafira’s electronic handbrake in order to explain de-bounced buttons. We now have some more bad news for the guys from Opel: the volume knob of the car has a bug. We admit… it is a very minor bug, but still, it is a bug. And […]