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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

Current limiting with PWM

For particular applications, such as our energy harvester or at least the battery charger part of it, the ability to control the current is an essential property. We must emphasize that the presented method will limit the average current; the instantaneous current might be higher. So, although it works well for our particular application, it […]


Coming Soon

Finally, we are almost there. Our first product – a joint development result of cooperation between IACS and RTOS.BE – is about to be commercialized. The Energy2Switch is a DC switch board with 2 channels rated up to 50V and 40A. Continuous power is limited at 1500W per channel, which boils down to 40A @ […]


To smarter battery charging

Each battery(bank) has properties such as voltage and maximum load amperage and It also behaves differently (in our context of energy harvesting) depending on its state of charge (empty, half, full). To charge a battery efficiently and safely the (average) voltage and (average) load current must be measured, filtered and checked continuously. First thing a […]


Pulse Width Modulation

A short definition Pulse-width modulation is commonly used in power-control or motor-control applications. Time is divided into periods. As always, the smaller the time periods, the higher the frequency. Within this time block a pulse signal is applied. The digital signal is logically active (“1”or ON) during a specified percentage of the time period, the […]