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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?


Table of contents

Engineering process

The engineering process: how to create a new product in a new domain?

Project management

The start of a €100,000 project: about focus and scope (iteration 0 of the energy harvester project).

The energy harvester is ready for iteration 1: an overview of how we applied our process to the first iteration of the energy harvester project (next iterations: it2).

4 really good things about Scrum: the favorite scrum activities of one of our guest bloggers

5 reasons why embedded device development projects fail

4 reasons you should stay away from Almost-Scrum


Development: a mixed top-down, bottom-up approach: an explanation of our approach.

Adopting MISRA-C guidelines in your software development process – best practices: how to introduce MISRA-C in your process?

Early Prototyping: ‘blink those leds’: do we do things bottom-up or top-down?

Development facilitators: about speed of development, prototype safety and robustness.

Requirements engineering

Stakeholder requirements: what are stakeholder requirements and how to handle them as a system architect?

From stakeholder to system requirements: how to organize system requirements?

Review: Requirements Management with Enterprise Architect 9.3: our experience with Sparx Systems’ tool.

Charge controller system architecture: how to map system requirements to the system architecture?

Some basic hands-on experience with a dump load: how to derive requirements from an experiment?

Safety engineering

System safety: hazard analysis: how to apply functional safety techniques to our energy harvester system safety?