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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?


The mission of RTOS is twofold:

  • demonstrate the capabilities of embedded software professionals, and
  • promote a low-overhead, practical but methodological embedded system development approach.

In order to achieve our mission we create new multi-disciplinary and technically challenging products in which (real-time) embedded systems are indispensable. We maintain a blog in which we publish an evolutionary account of a product in development from concept to industrialization.

We also provide strategical and technological consultancy services, and we will make ourselves available for the right mission.

Moreover, we strive to become a pool in which embedded software professionals and clients can meet. We do not shift curriculum vitae, but we KNOW and have actually WORKED WITH these software developers. We KNOW what they can do and what their expertise is.

We only charge a small fee of 250 Euro excl. VAT from the software professional and 750 Euro excl. VAT from the client to bring the two parties together, payable after the project contract has been signed. Now, that is excellent value for your money. No agents, middlemen or intermediaries are involved. No body-shopping. Not here. Of course, sometimes agents are really necessary, we personally also use them but not here in this initiative.

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