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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

The red-black tree and hash table

red-black tree The even more advanced container we look at now is the red-black tree, which is a type of self-balancing binary search tree. Especially, interesting is the time complexity in big O notation: Action/Subject       Average          Worst case Space                          O(n)                O(n) Search                        O(log n)    […]


Vector, list and tree

Choice of containers Information technology, even embedded devices, is about information gathering, processing or calculation, and control. Input and data needs to be juggled around and maybe sorted. In this article, we want to point out some fundamental implications in the choice of a data container. Vector The first container is the array or “vector”. […]


5 reasons why embedded device development projects fail

Missing stakeholder support  “The project is defined, so implement it and roll it out” does not work well in human organizations. Every entity and person has its own target, purpose and agenda. That is the way the world works, so one must take into account the process (and the time) it takes to get all […]


Real-time: designing task algorithms

In an earlier article, we talked about real-time behaviour, meeting deadlines and how a real-time OS operates. To recapitulate: the highest priority task that becomes runnable pre-empts all other tasks and runs to completion (until it ends, yields or sleeps). Also, we can have different layers of processing. high-to-low priority run-to-completion interrupts run first (all […]


Adopting MISRA-C guidelines in your software development process – best practices

Implementing functional safety by means of achieving a certain safety integrity level (SIL) is a matter of reducing risks. On the software side this results among other things in the adoption of a language subset, which often is a required SIL parameter. As C and, to a lesser extent, C++ are popular programming languages for developing embedded software, a […]