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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

Darrieus H-rotor Products

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1. The square meter 2 blade H-rotor

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  • 12V generator
  • 2 wing hub
  • 2 darrieus blades

We recommend the 2 wing economical H-rotor, and although in theory this is not 100% self-starting – as can be proven in a wind tunnel – it always starts on all the real sites we tested. The construction manual can be found here.

Specs, Power yield:

Wind speed at rotor height

Yield towards 12V battery bank

4 m/s

5 W

5 m/s

12 W

6 m/s

17 W

7 m/s

25 W

8 m/s

32 W

10 m/s

50 W

12 m/s

70 W

15 m/s

110 W

(very conservative estimated yield depending on good wind conditions and air flow quality)

Combined with our 12V generator, the turbine is designed to reach 12V battery charging voltage at about 120 to 150 rpm which is reached at a wind speed of around 4m/s.

2. Darrieus blade kit

Kit for 1 meter height, including arm support for 1 meter diameter blade. You need to assemble the blade yourself (easy assembly).

Weight: 4 kilo each, the blade includes the support arm!

3. Three blade hub

A hub for 3 blades with a 20mm diameter hole.

4. Two blade hub

A hub for 2 blades with a 20mm diameter hole.

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