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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

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4 reasons you should stay away from Almost-Scrum

“Almost-Scrum” or what is also known more generally speaking as the Avalanche Model is not a good project approach to find yourself in with your development team. On Wiki you’ll find the following description: “The Avalanche model is a Software Engineering project management anti-pattern, it is a combination of a sequential process such as the […]


4 really good things about Scrum

Here are my 4 favorite scrum-activities: Sprint Planning meetings Daily scrums Retrospectives The backlog Sprint Planning meetings Planning meetings are at the beginning of each sprint.  During these meetings the team looks at the most urgent user stories, then breaks them down in tasks, and then estimates the time it will take to implement each […]


3 ways to boost your performance as a developer

If you wish to boost your performance as a developer by a non-trivial factor then here are three ways to help you achieve this: loosely couple automate testing automate delivery I saw people -myself included- that started applying these rules and went from being unproductive and frustrated about coding, to being productive and in control […]