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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

Archives for April 2014

DC motor control with the mosfet switch board

Although, there is no such thing as a general purpose mosfet switch board because of the wide variations in application specific load (resistive, capacitive, inductive or mixed) characteristics, we were able to investigate and demonstrate DC motor control with our prototype board. Then, we performed the same tests on the energy2switch board. The brushed DC […]


Object-orientation in C – Part 4

We continue to build on the example in Part 3, but we go another step further. Even more abstraction and information hiding can be achieved by partially mimicking (part of) the COM manner of programming: strictly talking with interfaces. This style of coding is not for everybody, nor is it a fit for every project. […]


Current limiting with PWM

For particular applications, such as our energy harvester or at least the battery charger part of it, the ability to control the current is an essential property. We must emphasize that the presented method will limit the average current; the instantaneous current might be higher. So, although it works well for our particular application, it […]