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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

Archives for November 2013

Storing settings and data on an embedded device

Every once and a while, one needs to persistently store settings, information or other data on an embedded device. This poses risks. There are a few (simplified) categories of embedded data storage solutions to look at. More ‘advanced’ and relatively larger embedded systems… …use file systems. Many times, we have heard it is a question […]


STM32F100: configuring two PWM channels, polarity and alignment

Introduction In our project one source supplies power to two different loads and we need to control how much power goes to which load. To achieve this, we use an STM32F100 processor to PWM high-power mosfets. These mosfet channels do or do not conduct green energy to the different loads which are a battery (bank) […]


Embedded device boot

Eventually an embedded device’s micro controller or processor is expected to execute the designed-for-the-purpose software. But before that happens, some vendor specific voodoo is required. Only then, it understands it should run your code, which is located at the place where you put it. First-level boot-loader Most modern micro-controllers nowadays have first-level boot-loaders. They initialize […]


Recycling a VAWT as a HAWT

A few years ago, I bought a Chinese manufactured Vertical Axis Wind Turbine from a vendor in Canada. After it travelled the world, and was delivered at my doorstep, it seemed it had fallen down or been thrown about a couple of times. Anyway, a bit naive, I then thought it would still work well […]