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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

Device-internal current and voltage sensing – part 2

Attopilot 50V 180A A few weeks ago we tested the Attopilot 50V 90A. Results were ok, we only noticed a small gap between measured and real amps. Today we show you the experimentation results of the 180A  Attopilot sensor board. Again, we used the Deans connectors and quite a lot of solder to connect the Attopilot device […]


Device-internal current and voltage sensing – part 1

The energy harvester application needs to be able to determine current flows and volt charges in order to take the right decisions about charging and dumping. The micro-controller’s ADC unit is able to translate the analogue signal from the sensor into a quantified entity, a number if you wish. Internally, the device current is limited […]