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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

Our at-first-sight trivial product: a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester (aka battery charger)

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As long as we are going to build something, it should be awesome, hip and cool. It would have something to do with renewable energy for example. Yes, we are going green, because green is cool! Bugger if it already exists! As this is for demonstration purposes only, we don’t care. We appreciate the free tips we find on Google, the infinite wisdom we read at Wikipedia. We laugh at other peoples disasters, awe at the marvels of the competitors, but strive to outperform them. Then, since we are selling ourselves as embedded software mercenaries experts, we do not object to open the book on the whole thing.

Enough fun stuff, we are going to build a battery charger with dump load that will be able to work with solar panels and a wind turbine. This is nothing new but it has a mix of some very interesting requirements and challenges.

A picture says more than a thousand words:

our product: a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester

So, for now, in our simple concept draft, we have green DC power coming in from either solar panels or a wind turbine, or both at the same time. We have DC power going to the batteries, and if they are fully charged, we anticipate power will be diverted to a dump load, which could also be using the power usefully, or not. There is also an output which we can use.

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