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How to build a hybrid solar/wind energy harvester?

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1. The square meter 2 blade H-rotor

H-rotor in our webshop!



  • 12V generator
  • 2 wing hub
  • 2 darrieus blades

We recommend the 2 wing economical H-rotor, and although in theory this is not 100% self-starting – as can be proven in a wind tunnel – it always starts on all the real sites we tested. The construction manual can be found here.

Specs, Power yield:

Wind speed at rotor height

Yield towards 12V battery bank

4 m/s

5 W

5 m/s

12 W

6 m/s

17 W

7 m/s

25 W

8 m/s

32 W

10 m/s

50 W

12 m/s

70 W

15 m/s

110 W

(very conservative estimated yield depending on good wind conditions and air flow quality)

Combined with our custom-made 12V generator, the turbine is designed to reach battery charging voltage at about 120 to 150 rpm which is reached at a wind speed of around 4m/s.

2. Darrieus blade kit

Kit for 1 meter height, including arm support for 1 meter diameter blade. You need to assemble the blade yourself (easy assembly).

Weight: 4 kilo each, the blade includes the support arm!

3. Three blade hub

A hub for 3 blades; the center hole of the hub fits a 20mm axle.

4. Two blade hub

A hub for 2 blades; the center hole of the hub fits a 20mm axle.

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